Price Increases

At Brooke Telecom Co-operative we continue to strive to deliver quality communication services to our local communities with an exceptional customer experience.  With continued cost increases for delivering these services we unfortunately must increase our prices occasionally to continue to invest in our networks, equipment and service offerings.  As a co-operative company we strive to provide value to our members and invest all profits back into the ongoing operation and enhancement of our local services.

Internet Price Changes 2019-09-01

Wired, Copper, Fibre
1M down/128k up $37.00
5M down/1M up $50.00
10M down/1M up $53.00
20M down/2M or 1M up $60.00
Wired, Fibre Only, (select VDSL)
250M down/10M up $100.00
60M down/60M up $280.00
100M down/100M up $350.00
Additional upload/Meg $10.00
10M down/1M up $72.00
Transparent LAN $20.00
Dedicated VLAN $35.00
Email address only $8.00

IPTV Price Changes 2019-09-01

Brooke Essentials $49.00
Ultimate (all packages) $120.00
Mega Sports $14.00
Living & Learning $13.00
Lifestyles & Entertainment $13.00
All 3 Theme Packages $35.00
Mega Movies $21.00
More Movies $9.00
Super Movies $14.00
All 3 Movie Packages $39.00
Pick & Pay Channels $3.00
Premium Channels
Sportsnet 360 $8.00
Discovery Velocity HD $4.00
Discovery Science HD $6.00
Animal Planet HD $6.00
Investigation Discovery HD $6.00
W Network HD $4.00
Turner Classic $6.00