Nucience Call Blocking-Mobility

This fall, our cellular partner Bell Mobility will implement network level call blocking to help protect customers by reducing the number of unsolicited, fraudulent, nuisance and spam calls. No action is required on your part and there is no cost to you for this change. Visit to learn more.

Nuisance calls encompass any type of unwanted, unsolicited, spam phone calls. Common type of nuisance calls include illegitimate marketing (e.g., free cruise), CRA scam, non-compliance telemarketing, etc.

The CRTC mandated the deployment of network level call blocking for non-conforming phone numbers as of Dec 19, 2019. The network level call blocking is one of the effective and efficient solutions to decrease nuisance calls to help protect Canadians from unsolicited and illegitimate calls.

The network-level call blocking will ensure that Canadians benefit from some level of protection against nuisance calls by blocking those calls that contain caller ID information that is blatantly inaccurate. Though this implementation doesn’t guarantee that all nuisance calls will be blocked. There is no direct impact to the subscriber since the implementation is at the network level.

Network-level call blocking will be implemented to block the following 2 types of nuisance calls at the network level:
(i) Calls from telephone numbers (TNs) that don’t match the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) (i.e., 222-222-2222); and
(ii) Calls from telephone numbers (TNs) that don’t match the International Numbering Plan i.e. exceed 15 digits.

If you have any questions please contact one of our offices or call 519-844-2160.