Business Internet

If you are a Business customer on Fibre Optics looking to get faster download and upload speeds with static IP addresses, we now have options available for you!

Not Sure What Speed Is Right For You?

Brooke Telecom will try to accommodate your business internet needs as best we can. Give our office a call and we can help you determine which package fits your business requirements.

Packages & Pricing

Fibre 50Mbps

Download up to 50Mbps

Upload up to 20Mbps

*Includes BASIC Managed WiFi Equipment*

$ 75 .00
Per Month

Fibre 100Mbps

Download up to 100Mbps

Upload up to 30Mbps 

*Includes PREMIUM Managed WiFi Equipment*

$ 90 .00
Per Month

Fibre 500Mbps

Download up to 500Mbps

Upload up to 50Mbps

*Includes PREMIUM Managed WiFi Equipment*

$ 105 .00
Per Month

Fibre 1,000Mbps

Download up to 1000Mbps

Upload up to 75Mbps   

*Includes PREMIUM Managed WiFi Equipment*

$ 120 .00
Per Month

100 Mbps Symmetrical Internet On Fibre Plan 1, 2

download up to 100 MBPS, upload up to 100 MBPS

$ 350 .00
Per Month

1000 Mbps Symmetrical Internet On Fibre Plan

download up to 1000 MBPS, upload up to 1000 MBPS

$ 500 .00
Per Month