Fibre Project - Construction Permission Form

Below is a copy of the Construction Permission form for the Brooke Telecom Rural Fibre to the Home project that begins in spring of 2023.

This MUST be completed by the HOMEOWNER, signed and returned to Brooke Telecom before construction can commence on your property. 

On the second page of this document, please sketch a likeness of your property layout from the top down, noting infrastructure and obstructions on your property that may impede construction crewing during the line burial process.

Note items such as, but not limited to:

  • Buried Cables
  • Obstructions such as streams/rivers/ponds, flower beds, laneways, sidewalks and flower bed
  • Current location of the service drops that enter your home
  • Buried pipes/conduits
  • Septic systems

Please click on the image below to bring it into Adobe Acrobat Reader for download.


Rural Fiber Project
Internet Plan Costs

Construction Permission