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FAQ’s regarding Fibre to the Home

During the Spring of 2023, we are starting construction on our newest Fibre to the Home (FTTH) project.  Below are answers to common questions regarding this project.

Will this construction cost me anything?

During the construction in your area, the cost to install the first 50 metres of buried fibre line from the road to your home is waived.  For any length over 50 metres, burial is charged at $7.00 per metre.  Be aware as well that, if you do not arrange to have the fibre line buried to your home while the construction team is in your area additional construction charges may apply to have this done at a later date.

Will there be any other costs to install the service?

Brooke Telecom charges a $50 activation fee for all new customers.  If you are already a Brooke Telecom internet / phone / IPTV customer this fee will not be charged.  In some cases, there may be additional charges for wiring within your home beyond our standard installation process, but these charges will be discussed at the time of installation.

Will there be any disruptions to my Brooke Telecom services during construction?

Disruptions to your existing services during construction are not anticipated, but if any do occur, they will be kept to a bare minimum.
What products and services can I get with this new technology, and what will they cost?

Fibre to the Home allows your location to be ready for next-generation technology and services as they become available.  Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, Television services will also be available once the fibre is fully installed at your location.  Home Phone services will also be delivered on fibre to customers that are able to subscribe to this service.  For current pricing of our services visit our website at

What Internet Speeds will be offered

Fibre to the Home currently delivers Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps with low latency and unlimited usage.  The internet services delivered on fibre are perfect for home streaming services, low latency gaming and other high bandwidth applications. Minimum internet speeds delivered will be 50 Mbps.

What is 50 Mbps the minimum internet speeds will be offered?

As part of our relationship with the Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) we are contracted to deliver a minimum service of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.  This speed has been identified by the CRTC as the target speed for all consumers in Canada.  We also believe that 50 Mbps is the minimum internet speeds that allows customers to properly utilize the wide range of services and devices that they currently are utilizing.  We know that many customers will require even more speed to support their business and household needs and that is why the network is designed to deliver up to 1 Gbps to each home that we connect.

How and when can I get Fibre to the Home?

First, we need your consent to connect the new fibre network to your home.  Contact our Customer Service Representatives at 519-844-2160 as soon as possible to let them know you want your address connected.  At that time, we will create an account, advise of costs and the application process. Final connection will be later in 2023 to 2026.

Where will you be installing the fibre, and will you need access to my private property?

All main construction work will take place on the road allowance.  We will only need access to your property if you have agreed to have your residence connected to the new fibre network.

Here is what the construction will entail:

Off your property (2-4 weeks):

• The fibre cable we are installing will run parallel to each residential property line, across the entire length of the property (based on the municipality’s approval).

• We will dig a small hole to place a fibre vault in the ground and mount a pedestal on this box.  In some cases, conduit or fibre may be temporarily attached to a stake at the edge of the property.

• This fibre vault and pedestal will contain the fibre optic cable enabling us to connect your home to this fibre network should you choose to do so.

On your property (2-3 hours):

• We will only perform construction on your private property if you have given us consent that you would like your home connected to the new fibre network. (You can do so by calling 519-844-2160).

• If we have your consent, we will use a small machine to bury a fibre line across your property to your home. This method is very non-invasive to your property after which you will hardly be able to see any evidence that a line was buried on your property.

• We will be careful to consider any unique obstacles or features of the property when choosing the fibre cable route (i.e., garden beds, retaining walls, bricked driveways) based on those identified when you complete the construction permission form.

Can I expect any damage to my property?

• We will do our best to avoid damaging any property while we complete the work.

• Call us at 519-844-2160 to report any damage to your property and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Will there be any new, visible equipment installed on my property?

No, while we may install new equipment on municipal property, we will not install any equipment on your private property other than a small fibre splice box on the side of your home. An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) will be installed later inside your home during the final installation of services.

I did not want Fibre to the Home, but I changed my mind.  How can I get my address back on the construction schedule?

No problem! Call us at 519-844-2160 to add your residence back to our construction schedule.

I previously gave my consent to have my residence connected via Fibre to the Home, but I no longer want it.  How do I get my address taken off the construction schedule?

No problem.  Call us at 519-844-2160 to remove your residence from our construction schedule.

Can I give consent to have my residence connected via Fibre to the Home if I am not the homeowner?

No, only the homeowner can provide consent.

If you rent your property and are interested in getting Fibre to the Home, you can ask your landlord to call us at 519-844-2160 for more information or to provide consent.

Do I need to be home for this construction to be completed on my property?

No, you do not need to be home during the construction if you have given your consent to be on your property. A customer will need to be home for the final installation that will take place later in 2023 to 2026.

Will the construction disrupt any of my residential utilities?

When completing the construction permission form do your best to identify and map locations of any utilities (ex: Hydro, waterlines, wells, septic systems, irrigation systems, dog fences, etc.).  Before we begin our work in your neighbourhood, our construction crew will contact Ontario One Call to have all utility companies locate their utilities.  We will do our best to identify known underground utilities to avoid damaging any infrastructure that affects your home or any nearby residences.

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