Step One:


Dial *98:  When asked for your mailbox #, please enter your 10 digit Telephone number
Just press # (the button to the right of 0)


Dial 519-844-7800 and when asked for your mailbox #, enter your 10 digit Telephone number.
Dial your home or business number and press the * key (the button to the left of 0) while the greeting is playing to access your mailbox.

Step Two:

Enter your password followed by the # key.
Your Temporary password is:  0000

Step Three:

You will now be in the Main Menu
    Press 1 to retrieve messages
    Press 9 for Mailbox Setup

Press 1 for new Messages
Press 2 for Saved Messages
Press * to return to the Main Menu

If you Choose 1 or 2, continue:
Press 1 to play or re-play message
Press 2 to save message and go to next message
Press 3 to delete message and go to next message
Press 4 to save message as new
Press 7 to skip back three seconds
Press 8 to pause or continue message
Press 9 to skip forward three seconds

Press 1 for greeting options (you can disregard this step if you choose to use the default greeting)
Press 2 to change password
Press 3 for notification options
Press 4 to enable /diable auto-login
Press * to return to Main Menu

To Change or Record You Greeting:
a)      Press 1 for greeting options
b)      Press 4 to record your greeting
c)       Press # to end recording function
d)      Press 1 to listen to greeting
e)      Press 2 to save greeting (Greeting must be saved to be activated)

Press 3 to delete greeting
Press 4 to re-record greeting (Then follow steps C-E again)
Press * to return to mailbox setup


Press 2 to change your password

Enter new password followed by the # key
This password is any series of up to 16 digits you choose.
You will be unable to access your mailbox without this password.
Choose one that is easy to remember.

To verify, enter your password